A 6.3 earthquake struck 61 km northeast of Situbondo, East Java

A 6.3 earthquake struck 61 km northeast of Situbondo, East Java (158 km northwest of Nusa Dua, Bali) at 2:44 am Bali time. Following the earthquake early this morning, there was no significant impact on infrastructure reported, and no tsunami potential. Three deaths were reported in the immediate vicinity of Situbondo. The World Bank Group and IMF extend their deepest condolences to the families and communities affected.

Many of you felt tremors. All Staff and Participants are safe and our joint Security teams are closely monitoring the situation with the Indonesian authorities. We will keep you informed of any updates.

Your safety is our highest priority. We, along with the Indonesian authorities, the hotels, and the Meetings venues, are doing everything possible to ensure you receive timely alerts and safety instructions. Both the hotels and venues have a direct connection to the emergency warning systems should they be activated. Equally important, safety and security requires your active participation. We urge all Participants to carefully review the emergency information provided by the hotels and in the venues, and to familiarize yourself with what actions to take in the event of an earthquake or tsunami.

  • In the event of an earthquake, the most important direction is to move away from anything that could fall on you and “Drop, Cover, and Hold On.”
  • If an earthquake lasts more than 1 minute, it may have the potential to trigger a tsunami – get to the 3rd or 4thfloor of your building or a near-by building whether the warning siren sounds or not.
  • Always follow guidance and instructions from Security personnel or uniformed venue staff.

For detailed guidance on what to do in an earthquake or other emergency event, review the Emergency Guidance provided in the Participant Booklet. The booklet is available online and hard copies are available from Information Desks. The booklet also contains a map showing the assembly points for the Meetings Campus. As a quick reference, emergency numbers are printed on the back of your Registration Badge/ Additional information can also be found on IMF Connect.

We work closely with the Host Government Security Services and will continue to work together to safeguard, protect, and inform Annual Meetings Participants.

If you have any questions, please reply to this email and we will have a member of our team reach out.

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