EMITT – compilation of exhibitions of Turkey

31 January – 03 February Turkey will host the prestigious Tourism Fair – EMIT, which is compilation of exhibitions of Turkey. About EMIT I am talking with Hacer Aydın Event Director EMITT.

What role does EMITT play when it comes to the promotion of the tourism industry of Turkey since its formation?

EMITT exhibition organization has always played a leading role in the promotion of Turkey and increasing the recognition of Turkish tourism. We observe that the progress of the tourism industry in Turkey goes hand in hand with the EMITT organization’s progress in years in terms of growth since the exhibition has been actively held in our country, which was not ranked among the top 20 countries in the field of tourism in the past. I would like to share with you that in 2015, when EMITT was among the world’s six largest exhibitions, Turkish tourism had risen to 6th in the countries with the largest number of international tourist ranking. We will continue to bring together the tourism industry representatives with tourism professionals from all over the world in order to increase the number of international tourists and the brand value of our country by moving the bar higher every year.

Since its establishment, EMITT has hosted thousands of exhibitors from all 81 provinces and over 100 countries.

Who is preparing the EMITT program and strategy?

Thanks to the successful and very popular organizations that has been hosted by EMITT up till today, EMITT has now become the tourism exhibition of Turkey rather than being a special exhibition event. The partners and supporters of the exhibition that take part in the creation of the program and strategy every year include the EMITT Committee, T.R. Ministry of Culture and Tourism, İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality (İBB), Istanbul Governorship, The Turkish Hoteliers Federation (TUROFED), The Turkish Tourism Investors Association (TTYD), and Turkish Airlines (THY).

How do you find the strength to organize such a unique and big-scale event?

When we see the support and contributions of EMITT Exhibition to the Turkish tourism industry, we feel more proud and happier. As the organizers of the event, our biggest motivation is the fact that we are recognized and appreciated by all industry components both in Turkey and abroad as well as our success in holding the event.

Hacer Aydın Event Director EMITT

Which institutions and companies provide support for EMITT and is this support enough to meet the needs of the exhibition?

We hold successful events together with a number of partners including especially T.R. Ministry of Culture and Tourism, İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Istanbul Governorship, Turkish Hoteliers Federation (TUROFED), Turkish Tourism Investors Association (TTYD), Turkish Airlines (THY). Having said that, Hotel Association of Turkey’s (TUROB) Istanbul hotels’ contribution to the EMITT exhibition also plays an extremely important role. Also as of this year, Association of Turkish Travel Agencies (TURSAB) will also begin to support EMITT.

 If you were given only one chance to travel, where would you go?

All countries around the Indian Ocean.

 What is your global strategy to gain more attention for the year 2019 in Turkey market and how will EMITT contribute to it?

Turkey’s global strategy is to promote Turkey is to the world’s largest and alternative markets. Especially Turkish Airlines, which is one of the world’s largest airlines, directs the flow of tourists to Turkey in a very efficient manner. As a result, when THY launches a new airline route to a new country, an opportunity arises for new countries to attend EMITT. Therefore, there is a great parallel correlation between the growth of the tourism industry and EMITT. In addition to the existing main markets, we invite over 600 hosted buyers from alternative markets. Our system that brings together the Turkish tourism professionals with Hosted Buyers increases the efficiency of the meetings, and as a result, the number of tourists and EMITT exhibitors increase.

 What is your formula for success?

EMITT greatly contributes us in terms of maintaining close relationships with EMITT participants, keeping the track of new opportunities, following the tourism trends in the world, coming up with new ideas, and holding a successful organization. To be aware of what is going on in the world and Turkey and to create an alternative strategy before a possible economic and political problem emerges help us a lot. We have a very experienced team and we maintain very close relations with the members and the agencies of the industry since the exhibition first opened. We always see the representatives of the industry as part of EMITT and we say them that, rather than a special event, EMITT is a compilation of exhibitions of Turkey. Success follows when we make them think about what more can be done in order for preparing a larger and fruitful event for Turkey to increase the number of -arriving-departing- international tourists.

Hacer Aydin was talking to Dorota Kozioł Komarnicka


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